Verification: become a trustworthy member

What is the verification?

If you are a new member or you enjoy plenty of home exchanges, you should consider becoming a verified member!

It ́s an optional service that GuesttoGuest offers to its members.

For the verification, our team will check if your home address and your personal identity are real, in order to make you a more trustworthy member.

For example: I want to go to the other part of the world and the plane tickets are expensive and I am not sure about my host. If I contact verified members I am sure that the guest and the house have been checked by the GuesttoGuest team and that they have genuine intentions as hosts.

Why become a verified member?

The service enables you to show other members that you are a real person, whose ID has been checked and approved by the GuesttoGuest team and that also your house is real.

Our vision is a social network with millions of trustworthy members who can exchange their homes for as free as possible. Become a verified member, contribute to the creation of this social network, and help us offer you a quality service that makes your dream vacation come true!

Benefits of becoming a verified member

  • You will have the green check mark on your profile to allow other members to recognize you as a verified member.
  • You earn 500 GuestPoints.
  • Your home will be at the top of search results. Also, you have the option to request to be contacted only by other verified members.

For example: I have a house in Rome but there are a lot of members with a house in Rome. My house appears on the last page of the search results so I have problems to organize an exchange. Being a verified member I will be at the top in the searches.


1. Payment of 25 euros, only once*, and you are verified member for life!

2. Send to

  • A document of identity (a scan or a picture of your ID OR PASSPORT)
  • A proof of address ( a link to the white pages, a scan of an electricity, gas or telephone bill not older than 6 months or a lease agreement.

3. Our team check and approve your ID and your home.

*If you have more than one house and you want to verified them as well, the fee is 15 euros per additional house and you won ́t receive the 500 GP as in the first verification.

We can also organize a Skype call to finalize your verification. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any further queries.

At GuesttoGuest, 7 out of 10 exchanges are made by verified members!


I think that as a member I trust more in verified members because as soon as you let the people your house, I am more confident knowing that the GuesttoGuest team have checked this people that are coming to your house. For me is a warranty. Also, being a verified member makes you appear at the top of the searches which shows more people your house, having more opportunities to do all the exchanges you want to do!
Maria Ángeles (Spain)

I think the verification essential to avoid “bad surprises” once arrived to the destination of exchange. All the guests I hosted were exceptional, I’m very satisfied with this service.
Maurizio (Italy)

The verification allows me to be in the top research of Barcelona and to be more visible. So I get more home exchange request.
Claire (France)