Top 5 Unusual Homes to Visit

Routine is comfortable, but adventure is better! Why not try something different this holiday and do a home exchange in one of the unusual homes on GuestToGuest?

Here are some of our favorite unusual homes:

A Church in Scotland

unusual homes
Duncan’s Home in Dunbog, Scotland

One of the most unusual homes you can find on GuestToGuest is a church built in 1803. No longer consecrated, it is now a cosy period home that can host up to 21 guests. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a holiday away from the chaos of the city. Take a walk through the beautiful countryside or visit St. Andrews (only 30 minutes by car) and then curl up by the grand fireplace in the evening. 

Click here to check out the castle!

A Treehouse in France

unusual homes
Patrice’s Home in Trouley-Labarthe, France

Located in the South of France, this rural home is just what you always dreamed about as a child. Spend a weekend in the trees and enjoy the thrill of seeing the world from on high. The beautiful terrace provides a place to relax and admire the spectacle of the Pyrenee mountains after an invigorating nature walk.

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A 100% Eco-friendly House in Brasil

unusual homes
David’s Home in Itacaré, Brasil

Are you looking for a holiday in harmony with nature? This home was made for you! Located on the beach along the Brasilian coast of Bahía, and isolated from the world, what makes this one of our unusual homes is that it is 100% ecological. Everything operates with solar energy, and the home is supplied with well water. What’s more, organic farmers come here to sell their produce. Paradise has never been closer!

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A Water Mill in France

unusual homes
Pascaline’s Home in Chamarandes-Choignes, France

Once a mill, this historical building is now a lovely home surrounded by water. This unusual home retains all its original charm and offers guests a thousand ways to relax in its privileged environment. Guests can enjoy private use of canoes and kayaks on the canal, fishing, and swimming. An original way to get to know the history of the land!

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An 18th Century House in France

unusual homes
Yves’ Home in Vereaux, France

If you’re looking to enjoy the best of the classic French countryside, this unusual home from the 18th century is just for you! Situated in the heart of the country, this family property is a veritable haven of peace not far from a number of cultural heritage sites and vineyards. With a 1,000 metres square garden, it’s a dream destination for a holiday with the whole family.

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Bonus: A Cosy Cabin in Canada

unusual homes
Lucie’s Home in Vianney, Canada

For those who like a bit of adventure, why not try this cabin in the heart of Quebec? Without electricity or telephone, this unusual home is a perfect hideaway for nature lovers. In any season, guests can enjoy a number of activites (including maple syrup tasting!), but what is most bewitching about this home is the quiet you will find tucked away in the woods.

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Happy exchanges!