Living Out of the Ordinary on Home Exchange: The Selection

Discover our selection of homes to live differently with home exchange!

For the past 6 years we have had this goal to connect people from one country to another in order to share their accommodations with a common objective: experience magnificent vacations without breaking the bank! Today there are more than 250,000 families that offer their homes and apartments for your enjoyment, all around the world.

Each home has its own story and identity; to exchange is above all opening your door to welcome those into your world. The diversity of available homes on GuesttoGuest will surprise you. You can exchange your house and go on an incredible vacation in one of our members’ homes.

Here is a selection (not all-inclusive) of the incredible things you can do on a home exchange.

Go for a llama ride

Insolite en échange de maison chez Cyril

Cyril’s cottage is ready to welcome you throughout the year to discover the Franche-Comté and its specialties. If you are looking for some calm and tranquility in a country atmosphere, no need to look further, you are welcome to vacation at Cyril’s. The ground floor will be reserved for you with 8 beds for you and the whole family to enjoy. As a bonus, you can go on a walk with the llamas!

I love llamas

Sleep in a cave

Insolite en échange de maison chez Flora

Flora’s house will delight nature lovers looking for tranquility. Situated on the islands of Baléares, this cave is paradise on Earth. Flora explains, “The cave is very comfortable. Its layout and decorations are no frills, with only the base, but you will find your stay comfortable.” Don’t wait to take a little getaway to her house and the charming picturesque village of Ferreries and enjoy the most beautiful beaches on the islands.

Take a look at the cave

Enjoy a private beach

Insolite en échange de maison chez Piero

In the north of Peru, at Ecuadorian border, Piero offers his house on the sea situated on a private beach. You will find all the elements necessary to pass a fantastic vacation here: 3 rooms with a view of the sea, a hammock, proximity to the water to easily go for a dip, and a great sense of tranquility! Piero’s house along the sea fits perfectly into its environment, “The house is made of bamboo, wood, and other natural materials from the region in a tropical style.”

Let’s go to the beach!

Discover the trulli in Italy

Insolite en échange de maison chez Giuseppe

Come discover the trullin in the region of Pouilles in the South of Italy, an accommodation that is typical of the area. Their particular form is due to the vaulting in dry stones that serve as a roof. Formerly, this type of home was inhabited temporarily for agricultural workers. They have maintained their charm, as Giuseppe would testify. He will guide you to your visits in other cities, particularly to Alberobello which is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Living the dolce vita

Sail along the water

Insolite en échange de maison chez Claire

What could be better than to gently rock to the Moselle and experience your vacation on a barge? Claire and Gabriel have developed the barge as their fully-functional apartment with 3 full rooms with an additional room for a small child. With 120 square meters, you will have everything at your fingertips for enjoying the beautiful, green environment and be close to the historic center of Metz.

See the boat

Live under a rock

Insolite en échange de maison chez Mirella

This original house was constructed in 1872 and has undergone many years of restoration to preserve the regional artistic heritage of the Vallée d’Aoste in Italy. It is now equipped like a traditional house and very welcoming. The particularity of Mirella’s house? A huge rock that overlooks the house and serves as a roof.

Like a rock

Spend your vacation in an ancient church

Insolite en échange de maison chez Duncan

Go back in time and transport back to the 19th century. You will not be let down by Duncan’s house in Scotland! This home was previously a church that was constructed in 1803 and has since been converted into a cozy home that can welcome more than 20 people. You can enjoy the calm ambiance of this location in a historic and medieval environment and gather around the fireplace during long Scottish nights.

Relive History

Live in a windmill

Insolite en échange de maison chez Pascaline

Spend your holidays in the water, or close to it. Pascaline describes her house as a “magical place” that she would be happy to share with you. This windmill in the Marne was refurbished into a friendly house and is the ideal place for nature lovers with boats, canoe-kayaks, a love for fishing, etc. It is the perfect place to experience the region of Haute-Marne.

See the windmill

Travel into space… while staying on Earth!

Insolite en échange de maison chez Colum
Colum welcomes you into his house with an extra-terrestrial form. Appearing as a spaceship that just landed on Earth, his home in Castlebaldwin, Northern Ireland promises you an amazing journey. Thanks to its clever layout this UFO can hold more than 30 people; plenty of space for an unusual stay with your friends. Colum says, “If you like wooden buildings on hills that look like UFOs, you’ll love the Gyreum!”

Phone, home

Take the highroad to a cabin

Insolite en échange de maison chez Patrice

Did you know about the largest perched hut in France? It is Patrice’s place located near the Pyrenees. With 100 m2 in height you will not miss on the opportunity to walk around and enjoy the calm and beautiful views. Christelle, who was invited with her family by Patrice, says, “The commanding view of farms and pastures, horses, cows, and in the distance, the Pyrenees, this unique, authentic, robust, original hut, awakens the curiosity of the young and the old, making this stay an unforgettable moment.” Enjoy this hut while remaining in harmony with nature by going for a hike or a walk to the surrounding villages.

To infinity and beyond!

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