5 Ways to Use Your GuestPoints

GuestPoints let you travel where you want and make it easier to organize home exchanges anywhere in the world.

On GuesttoGuest, you earn GuestPoints when you complete your profile and when you host other members at your home. The GuestPoints you earn allow you to organize non-reciprocal exchanges with other members according to their availability. Need ideas on how to use those GuestPoints? Here’s something to inspire you…

1. Family Reunions

What’s better than bringing the entire family together under one roof? Invite your family to join you at a GuesttoGuest home with your GuestPoints! It’s sometimes difficult to find a vacation home large enough to accommodate your extended family (cousins, aunts, best friends, etc.). With our wide selection of homes, you can definitely find something for everyone: a farmhouse, an old castle, countryside retreat…

GuestToGuest famille

Fun fact about GuestPoints: You don’t use GuestPoints based on the number of people you travel with, but according to the number of nights you stay.

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2. Impromptu Weekend Getaway

Wouldn’t you like to surprise your significant other with a romantic weekend getaway? You can find a last-minute home exchange on GuesttoGuest by searching for homes or apartments available with the “Guest Wanted” filter.

GuestToGuest dernière minute

Last-Minute Exchanges

Did you know? You can earn additional GuestPoints by inviting your friends to join GuesttoGuest with your referral link. You can earn up to 125 GP for each friend (maximum 10 friends).

3. Discover a New City with the Kids

Take advantage of the weekends and school vacations to explore nearby cities or destinations.  We sometimes overlook all the fun just next door.  Use those GuestPoints and experience that wanderlust without leaving your own country.

4. Road trips

Home exchange for road trips?  Yes, it’s possible.  GuestPoints offer members the possibility to organize shorter stays and allow you to be more flexible.  You will also save loads of money on accommodations and food by skipping the hotels and fast food.  

GTG road trip

The local knowledge offered by your host member will also help you maximize your time during your short stay.

5. Just Escape!

With GuesttoGuest, you no longer need to give a lot of thought to your vacation budget.  When you start to feel the travel bug, don’t hesitate to just get up and get out.  Search for available homes, organize the exchange details, finalize, and go!

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