5 Travel Tips for Moms

It’s that time of the year to celebrate our Moms!  To show our appreciation, GuestToGuest thought we could share some motherly travel tips from experienced traveling Moms.

What is worse than carrying a baby around for 9 months? Taking a baby on vacation! That might be the response of a few moms out there, but traveling with kids shouldn’t be viewed as torture. Moms do so much all year round and they shouldn’t be depriving themselves of a well-deserved vacation. Check out some travel tips from experienced Mom Travelers…


Mom Travel Tip #1

We have a 3 yo and a 5.5 yo and we go on at least one big international trip each year, so they spend lots of time in airports and on long-haul flights from California. To make it through the flights without getting completely stressed out, we suspend nearly all of our “normal rules.” They get virtually unlimited access to their tablets (with breaks for sleep when we deem it necessary) and as many granola bars, fruit snacks and cookies as they want. Everyone arrives at our destination happy. Remember: it’s their vacation too!

-Tip from Melissa Conn, the author at The Family Voyage

Melissa and her family in Ireland
Melissa and her family in Ireland

Mom Travel Tip #2

My daughter is now 9 years old and we have been traveling with her since she was 9 months old. My favorite tip is to think of the first 18 months as a bonus period in terms of travel. The baby has no opinions, everything is new and interesting to her, she’s really portable, doesn’t need kid activities and is happy to just go where you go. So you can still travel to the places that you like, you just have to bring a stroller or carrier and diaper bag along and plan your day around naps and feedings. If you’re lucky you’ll have some moments to yourself enjoying a cappuccino, lunch or glass of wine while the baby naps. Savor this because by starting at 18 months they get very active and hard to keep up with. Travel becomes more challenging for 2-3 years and you might decide you just want to do easy beach vacations for a while!

– Tip from Eileen Gunn at FamiliesGo!

Eileen with the family while on vacation.
Eileen with the family while on vacation

Mom Travel Tip #3

My favorite tip for mums traveling with kids is to travel carry-on only and use backpacks. Traveling light is a great way to save time and money when flying and using backpacks means you always have your hands free to hold your kids’.

– Tip from Marta, write about cultural travel for kids at Learning Escapes

Marta on vacation with her family

Mom Travel Tip #4

When we travel with two kids under the age of 6 we love finding houses with a full kitchen and separate bedrooms or hotels with interconnecting rooms…why? So that mom and dad don’t need to sneak around in the dark to enjoy a glass of wine or beer after the kids’ bedtime.

– Tip from Yashy Murphy, Travel Writer, Lifestyle Blogger and Social Media Consultant at Baby & Life

Yashy and her family
Yashy and her family

Mom Travel Tip #5

Have an agenda in mind for your daily explorations during your vacation but also be flexible and remember to laugh at the tantrums instead of getting angry. Traveling with two kids under the age of six isn’t easy but it’s rewarding as long as I have a stocked snack bag and point out entraining nooks and facts so that they aren’t bored in places like museums and galleries. Also be sure to know where the playgrounds are for some downtime between attractions.

Tip from Yashy Murphy, Travel Writer, Lifestyle Blogger and Social Media Consultant at Baby & Life


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